SEO: A Long-Term but Effective Process for Website Optimization

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is the core element to create a successful website and a solid and reputed brand. It is that aspect that provides ranking to the various websites within the Search Engine Results Page. The higher your website is on this ladder, the more chances you have to get more traffic on your page. The ranking ensures the trustworthiness, reliability and relevance of a particular website.

However, taking SEO lightly won’t bear any fruit, as it requires constant efforts to ensure your position. Also, there is no one-time, immediate fix for any of your Search Engine Optimization concerns, thus working haphazardly would not lead to any good results. Even after you reach the top, maintaining that rank is yet another task that should be done using continuous monitoring and updations as any changes or updates might hamper your progress.

Any problems fixed in SEO updates might not provide you with a clear-cut answer as to how it impacts you since an update targets various issues all at once. That is why it is suggested that instead of focusing on a particular update, the websites should focus on the bigger picture and keep trying their best to get better rankings.

How can you optimize your website?

  • I am making it Mobile Friendly.

By having a web design more responsive and mobile-friendly, SEO will provide better Google searches and thus prevent any penalties.

  • Sharing Quality Content: 

Any content that answers the queries of the common public quickly and directly using unique content, links, hyperlinks, images, videos etc., will provide you with a much better position.

  • Bringing traffic to your website: 

Making your customers aware of your website through other platforms drives the traffic to your website.

  • Understand customer’s intent: 

When you use keywords based on your customer’s intentions, you can drive traffic to your website, leading you to better rankings. Also, keep in mind the keywords being used by your competitors and focus accordingly.

  • Fixing the dead and broken links: 

Error 404, pages were taken down, changing URL etc., have adverse effects on SEO. Thus, steps must be taken to fix these broken links by either removing them or updating them to the current ones. There are various tools available to identify such links and take action beforehand.

  • Backlinking: 

When you use backlinks in your websites, you develop a voting system through which your credibility is detected by SEO. That is why it is essential to use as many backlinks as possible, directing the traffic from one page to another.

  • Using RSS feeds

This step does not directly boost your rankings but impacts the audience’s perception through mainstream media, which leads to referral traffic on your website, which proves to Google that your website is worthy enough.

  • Gaining return visitors:

Getting initial traffic is excellent but not enough, as the return visitors on websites push the rankings more. Thus, remarketing strategies must be employed for best results.

  • SEO Auditing: 

Using various SEO Analysis tools, you can check the health, referrals, organic search traffic etc., of your website and make changes accordingly.

  • Proofread what you publish: 

Whatever content on your site must be appropriately edited and proofread to avoid typos, duplicate or incorrect information. Such mistakes reduce consumer trust and thus must be avoided at all costs.

  • Visual Optimisation

Google provides Image searches which is a great way to boost your website. Visuals aid in making the website more attractive to customers and enables Google to make you more accessible to searches.

  • Meta titles/descriptions

You can improve your click-through rate by changing or highlighting something that sets you apart from your competitors. Be it low prices or varieties available with you, you can mention it in the description, which may attract more traffic to your site.

  • Link reclamation: 

Here you can contact the owners of broken links to replace those links with your target sites, thus driving their traffic to your page.

  • Create Networking:

Create partnerships in person or online using various methods like being on a podcast, writing testimonials for your partners, citations and directories etc., to boost your SEO. 


Search Engine Optimization is a process that goes on and expects continuous efforts and a lot of patience. It involves setting up various long-term and short-term goals and having a flexible SEO strategy to reach the ultimate goal. 

By creating engaging and unique content using various tools and backlinks, you can reach the top. Thus, instead of expecting quick and immediate fixes, you should focus on consistent efforts.

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