What Parents Can Do to Deal with their College Student’s Pending Academic Dismissal

College dismissal happens more frequently than many parents might think. If you are a parent of a college student who’s facing a dismissal, there are things you should take immediately to avoid the harshest sanction for your child. One of these steps is to consult with an academic dismissal lawyer who can help you understand the nature of your child’s case and your options. Academic dismissal can be decided against your student because of reasons such as academic misconduct, sexual misconduct, or failure to meet school standards. 

Once you are notified about the dismissal recommendation, you must advocate for no dismissal promptly. Do not wait for the dismissal hearing to happen because your child won’t get favorable results when you don’t prepare for it. This can include negotiating before the hearing. Depending on the disciplinary panel may not be best for your child. Usually, the panel does not have a lot of options for resolution. Also, it is often made up of college staff. Thus, you may have a chance to resolve the recommended student dismissal before the hearing happens. 

What are Your Options Before the Hearing

You can negotiate the discipline and reach an agreement with the school to stop the dismissal process. This agreement can include a decreased punishment like involuntary transfer, a shorter dismissal, or a lesser form of dismissal.  A college or university can offer some dismissal agreements without you asking. However, the offer may not be as favorable for your student. 

Asking for a Better Outcome

To move your child’s expulsion resolution forward, you can get related evidence in the dismissal matter. This includes statements from witnesses, student records, and the dismissal packet. Also, you should review and write a letter that explains how your child is and describes what took place. Request a certain outcome that they can try rather than dismissing your child. Your letter could move the discipline matter of your child toward a better resolution before the hearing. You can send this letter to the college’s staff member who handles the dismissal process. While you may not get a response from them, it’s always worth a shot. 

In some schools, no matter how great your proposal is, you may not be taken seriously if you don’t have a lawyer. While you can try things on your own to improve the school discipline situation of your child, legal advocacy can increase the chances of your child getting a more favorable outcome. 

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