How to create cozy reading nooks in the house?

Creating pockets of happiness to accommodate your hobbies is one of the best investments you can make. These spaces not only remind you to unwind and relax but also, can be a safe space to turn to in times of chaos. Lately, everyone’s lives have been plagued with uncertainty and the best way to get rid of these is to take a moment and pause to recharge.

What is a reading nook?

A reading nook can be fashioned out of a window bay, a corner, a loft, or even just a study table in front of the window. The things that set this area apart from the rest of the house are the wall paint design ideas used and the lighting. A reading chair with a lamp in front of your library of books is enough to be known as your reading nook. You need not look at making structural changes to your house to create a corner for yourself. The most important thing is that you have assigned that space for yourself in your mind.

How can you decorate a study area?

Studying and reading require concentration and that is why it is advisable to have calm and neutral colours around that area. A stimulating environment can make you lose focus on your task. If you looking to decorate the wall with designs on paint, you can consider white, green, or blue colours. Whereas if you are looking for textures, leafy textures can look great. Hand-painted corners are something to cherish and can look luxurious. If you are looking to find the cost of painting charges in Bangalore or any city you stay in, just click on the link and get an estimate of the cost.

How can you furnish a reading space?

The most important thing is a lamp. Get a good lamp with a white bulb. Ensure the lamp is at a higher than your seating arrangement to enjoy the reading at night without any strain on your eyes. Avoid using lampshades with dark colours as they tone down the light and make the area around it look darker than it is. Another investment is purchasing an ergonomically sound chair that provides back support and is comfortable enough for you to sit in for hours. Consider buying an adjustable chair or a recliner to make it more comfortable. Another great suggestion is to et a footstool in case you wish to prop your feet up. If you are not a big fan of footstools, then a plush rug gives a good feeling when you put your feet down.

What can make such spaces better?

Apart from a basic setup, there are a few ways you can make them more functional. Add a small side table beside your chair on which you can put your cup of coffee or tea while reading books. You can also add a magazine stand at the foot of your chair to stock up on the recent magazines. You can add a table with drawers to hold your stationery, glasses, other items.

These spaces are hard to create given the recent structures of compact apartments. You don’t need to make permanent changes to create space. GO down the minimalist path and make space for the things important to you.

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