Various Types of Agricultural Products You Can Choose From

It’s impressive to know that Thailand’s agricultural products are generating billions of baht every year. This is pertaining to economic value. The way of life of the Thai people and the BOI Thailand law also helped promote and provide incentives for the people.

The Thai food industry is indeed a major contributor to the national economy. This is especially with a wide range of agricultural products and food items. Thailand is termed as the Kitchen of the World. Plus, it’s a strategic place for food production in the world and Asia, too. This is due to the year-round growing season, biodiversity, skilled & well-educated workforce, and low labor costs.

Almost forty-one percent of the total land area in the country is intended for agriculture. More than eighty percent of raw materials are sourced from domestic producers at relatively low prices.

The entrepreneurs in the food processing and agriculture industries are striving further in introducing innovative technologies. The government is also promoting policies to support food production at high standards of quality and safety. The goal is to expand the food exports in Thailand to newer & more potential markets like UAE, Australia, India, US, China, ASEAN, & Australia.

Tremendous Opportunities

The demand for food in South-East Asia & South Asia grows more as incomes and populations expand throughout the regions. More tremendous opportunities also will be offered for food processors.

Based on the National Food Institute, the food processing industry in Thailand currently consists of thirty-thousand processed-food factories. Yearly earnings of 25-billion dollars are also expected to be obtained. Main multinational industry and Thai leaders include companies like Patum Rice Mill & Granary, Saha Pathana Inter Holding, Nestle, Unilever Group, Royal Friesland Foods, Dole Thailand, Betagro, Charoen Pokphand Group, & many more.

Below are so far more of the various types of agricultural products introduced to Thai people.


This is not just the major staple crop of the country. This is likewise the main export in the agricultural industry. The country has years of reputation for being one of the biggest rice exporters in the world.

The major rice-producing areas in Thailand are the Khorat Plateau and the Cha Phraya Basin. The agricultural production also diversified significantly meeting the world market and the domestic demand.

Other Crops Produced

Among other crops produced for the market include corn, cassava, longans, kenaf, pineapples, cashews, durians, flowers, & vegetables. Cash crops also are included like coffee, rubber, sugarcane, and fruits. These are produced mainly on large holdings owned by agribusinesses. These businesses have so far emerged in the last decades in the twentieth century. Tobacco is also an essential cash crop. It just declined considerably with the drop in demand.

Cereals, Nuts, & More

The industry of agricultural products consists of the production of cereals and nuts and more. The cereals often include rice, wheat, barley, and more. The nuts also include pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds, and more. The oil crops selections include olives, groundnuts, cottonseed, and more. The stimulants and spices include hops, coffee, dry chilies, and more.

In addition to that, there is sugar including sugar beet, sugar cane, and many more. Pulses would include peas, beans, lentils, and more. The tubers and roots highlight sweet potatoes, potatoes, cassava, and more.

The vegetable selections include tomatoes, cabbages, onions, and many more. The fruits also include citrus fruits, bananas, berries, and many more.

Even the fisheries and agricultural sectors are producing sugar, grain, chicken, fish, and shrimp. The farming sector employs a large part of the population of Thailand. Nevertheless, online marketing in the agricultural industry still needs improvement.

While agricultural product farming is a huge majority in Thailand, still online marketing of agricultural products requires improvement. The agricultural community of the country is becoming more familiar with the online world. This is true in the case of e-commerce. The farming sales will for sure expand significantly over the internet.

The agricultural sector will succeed the most by fully embracing the world of online sales. The exports of the country will increase significantly. Only if properly utilized, internet marketing or digital marketing will bring huge benefits for the Thai farmers. The proper utilization of marketing techniques like websites and online stores will reach a newer level for agriculture. The world of business in farming is expected to change significantly.

Since Thais people are constantly connected through the internet, everything can simply be done quickly. Shipping is done fast, ordering is done straightforward and simple. Plus, there is a range of payment options to find around.

Thai farmers will only need to embrace the internet to survive. They just have to inform the consumers whatever it is they’re selling. They also have to impart online marketing strategies as part of success!

Now, you’ve already learned the various types of agricultural products you can choose from!







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