Tiny Tats with Big Impact: How to Perfectly Place Small Temporary Tattoos

Now that you have decided to have a small temporary tattoo, the next important thing to consider is how and where to place it perfectly. Even if the tattoo is small, you want it to have a big impact on you and others. You can achieve this by ensuring that it is placed correctly.

In this blog, we look at how to apply tiny temporary tattoos and where you can place them to create a significant impact. So, without wasting more time, let’s get started.

How to perfectly apply a temporary tattoo

First, remove any hair, oil, or dirt from where you want to place your temporary tattoo. You can use a cotton pad and alcohol for this. This helps ensure that the tattoo sticks properly to your skin and lasts longer. You can then remove the protective transparent foil.

The next step is to place the custom temporary tattoo with the design facing down onto the area of your choice and place a wet sponge or cloth firmly onto the paper. Then hold it for about 30 seconds, and then slide the piece off gently, and voila, you are done.

Areas to place a tiny temporary tattoo if you want it to make a significant impact

1.       Wrists

Wrist personalized temporary tattoos are among the more popular placements! Smaller designs work well there because they’re convenient to look at or display. Just use caution when getting inked here, though. If you examine these places attentively, you’ll see distinct, deeper skin grooves on your wrist and the back of your hand. These grooves are not present in other parts of your body. Generally speaking, it’s advisable to avoid applying it to skin where you have pronouncedly deep wrinkles. The formula will naturally seep under the glue through these deep ridges, possibly causing leaks.Your sleeves, bracelet, and watch will continuously contact it.

2.       Fingers

Small designs look good on finger tattoos. Finger tats are noticeable to everyone unless you wear gloves all the time, but because they are discreet, they don’t seem dramatic or overpowering to onlookers. Even though they’re adorable, finger and hand tattoos require special maintenance to prolong their life. Wash your hands frequently, but this exfoliation can make them disappear more quickly! By patting, rather than scouring, and liberally moisturizing, you can prolong the freshness of your finger tats.

3.       Hand

Making a dramatic statement with your hands is a terrific way to showcase your latest native American tribal temporary tattoo. As with the wrist, exercise caution when getting ink here because your hands’ creases aren’t the same as those on other body parts. This arrangement enhances your attire beautifully because it goes nicely with jewelry and accessories. To maintain your tattoo’s fresh appearance, be sure to moisturize frequently!

4.       Ankle

The ankle is the ideal location if you want to convey a flirtatious, feminine feel or get a temporary tattoo for a birthday. An ankle tattoo can be delicately shown there without drawing attention or taking center stage in your ensemble. Applying temporary tattoos here typically lasts for two weeks!

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