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Charles Chandler was killed in a hit-and-run crash in Nacogdoches

The victim reportedly had been walking on State Highway 7  and was fatally injured.

Charles Chandler sadly lost his life in a hit-and-run accident on Nacogdoches early Saturday.

Sixty-year-old Charles Chandler was killed in a hit-and-run accident on Nacogdoches early Saturday.

Chandler was strolling on State Highway 7 roughly 2 miles East from  Nacogdoches and was struck by a car thought to have been an old beat up Cadillac or Buick compact car at around 1 25 am, as per the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Justice of Nacogdoches County pronounced Chandler dead at the spot.

According to officials, the vehicle that hit Chandler, 60, left the scene.

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Investigators have asked anyone with information to call law enforcement agencies or contact Lufkin DPS Communication on 936- 699-7340.

As per the AAA Traffic Safety foundation, upwards of 1 hit-and-run accident occurs on U.S. roads every minute. Since 2006, there have been an average  682,000 cases of hit-and-run accidents per year.

Candice Bond, expert hit-and-run injury attorney, stated that in circumstances like these, it is critical to get an independent inquiry completed in a reasonable timeframe by an experienced attorney to safeguard the rights of a victim.

“Getting the right resources is crucial to assess hit-and-run cases and establish negligence,” stated Candice Bond, Bond Legal managing partner.

“These processes are required to assist those who have been harmed by a hit-and-run offender in receiving  justice and financial recompense which they seek. A lawyer can also make sure that such hit-and-run offenders are held responsible for their dangerous actions.”


Depending on the outcome of the investigation, Charles Chandler’s family may be able to file wrongful death lawsuit for hospital and funeral costs, loss of companionship and love, pain and misery, and emotional damage.

“A case is termed wrongful death whenever some person or party does an unlawful or negligent conduct that results in the death of a person,” Bond explained.

“When fatal car accidents are caused by hazardous driving, speeding, violent or careless driving,  or driving while intoxicated, family members generally have the choice of pursuing a civil lawsuit against the culpable motorist.”

If you or even a family member has been injured or killed because of hit-and-run motorist and would want a free consultation, reach out to us. Our legal experts are  available to help you.

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