All You Need to Know About an MBA in Business Analytics

The most vital element of any modern business is their data, both generated and acquired. It is in fact true that data is the modern oil. Processing the endless pool of data is also as important and hence, analysis is the mining machine. The opportunities which business analytics bring to the table are endless and a dedicated analytics team is important for the growth of a business. MBA is one of the most important courses in India and is highly valued on a business aspirant’s resume.

MBA in business analytics is the path towards learning the insights of this vast field. The two-year program guides you to grasp key data analysis concepts and use various tools towards bringing out key insights into business management through generated and practical insights. JECRC College and NIU, Noida are some names when it comes to MBA in business analytics which provides students with opportunities to discover beyond the books

 What skills are inculcated with an MBA in Business Analytics?

An MBA develops one’s core business management skills and helps to excel in one’s career. But specifically, an MBA in business analytics equips an individual with certain targeted technical skills, which can develop and bloom into a hefty set of tools to analyze business performance, profits, and growth in a professional environment. The plethora of skills that an MBA in business management exposes you to are:

  • Marketing analytics
  • Finance analytics
  • Principles of management science
  • Spreadsheet modeling
  • Data mining
  • Forecasting and modeling
  • Business statistics

Evidently, analytics is more technically inclined and hints towards a thorough understanding of software in comparison to other MBA specializations, yet it requires a great deal of business sense to derive insights and conclusions that would put the entire company and its processes at stake. It is important to maintain a balance and colleges like JECRC College aim specifically at processing and teaching both sides of the coin to its students.

Career opportunities to look out for

When it comes to MBA, securing well-paid jobs and placements are mostly the primary motivations of any aspirant and analytics gives you a rocket launch entry into the vast open space of interesting and growth-oriented fields. With the blooming technology, there is a high demand for an individual who can work with data and also make business decisions. Some jobs to expect after graduating from top colleges like IIMs and JECRC College are:

  • Quantitative analyst
  • Data scientist
  • Market research analyst
  • Predictive modeler
  • SAS programmer
  • Data mining expert
  • Big data expert
  • Business analyst

All you need to chase your analytics career is to have a bachelor’s degree in any field and be well versed in basic mathematics and statistics. So, don’t be intimidated even if you’re not from a business background

Top colleges for MBA in business analytics

To foster any knowledge in the most efficient and impactful manner, a good college is key. There are a number of different institutions from around the country which offer the course but selecting a good one becomes important to progress in the right direction. Based on all aspects from placements to infrastructure, here are the top 3 colleges for MBA in business analytics-

  1. INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, BANGALORE- One of the top few names which turn the heads of not just management aspirants but almost everyone. A crafted brand name, IIM-B has one of the best placements for an MBA in business analytics with an average salary of close to 25 LPA. More than India, its name speaks in its glory throughout the globe. IIMs hold CAT every year for admissions to them and other tier-1 colleges and if you’re someone looking for skyrocketing growth and global business exposure, you know which direction to run in!
  2. JECRC College, Jaipur–  With the best faculty and infrastructure, the university is one of the best colleges for MBA. JECRC College provides world-class faculty and imparts knowledge that stretches beyond the conventional classroom, cultivating an interactive environment for the students as reflected in their placement records. It is one of the top colleges when it comes to the technical field of data analytics and business analytics.
  3. PISM, Bangalore- Established in 2006 as a private institution, it has one of the most well-trained and experienced faculty. The college is highly focused on experience and blurs out the line between the classroom and professional space. Visited by companies like Amazon, IBM, and Axis Bank, the institute ensures that every student is well placed. With a beautiful and resourceful infrastructure, PISM, Bangalore makes it to the list of the top colleges for MBA in business analytics.


To kickstart your career in the vast field of business analytics, all you need is a well-trained, analytical mind, some business sense, and a drive to succeed. With the correct focus and the best college, you too can rise up the steps of success and in this fruitful field!

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