Who Is Your Role Model?

Have you ever asked your children who their role model is? If you haven’t, go for it. They most probably will be shouting the names of any celebrities. Cinemas, TV shows, sports, books, etc., play a very crucial role in influencing the minds of people. Role models are considered a big part of everyone’s life. In simple terms, we can call a role model a person who inspires people to perceive the best. A role model encourages children to pursue greatness; as a result, choosing a role model requires great focus and is very important. Most of the children wanted their character or personality to be different from others. So they seek role models who are unique and imitate the traits or characteristics that inspired them the most.

Have you ever questioned your children, asking them how they sorted out their role models? If they have selected their role model by observing their celebrity status, money, lifestyle, or physical appearance, then correct them. Ask them to recognise the dedication, hard work, and commitment that their role models have put forward to reach the position that they enjoy presently.

Writing my role model essay will help children to penetrate more into themselves. It favours them to understand their individuality and how they differ from the rest. My role model essay offers an excellent chance to express their interest. Parents and teachers can ask them to perform such exercises in their weekly activities to boost their self-confidence to present their true selves. Moreover, such exercises can be used by parents as a tool to realise more about their children’s likes and dislikes. Ask them to perform such exercises to make them aware of the fact that they never judge a book by its cover but to read it and discover the best from it.

Benefits of Writing Short English Essays

Depicting ideas through words is never a silly task for children. It is impossible to perform it with a snap of a finger. Vocabulary, subject knowledge, concentration, interest, and commitment are required to produce content by presenting an idea or information through words. Have you ever wondered why essay writing exercises are included in the academic curriculum of children from a young age? It is because of the abundant benefits that easy writing exercises offer to children. One of the primary benefits of practising essay writing essays is that it improves the academic and personal performance of kids.

If you are looking for a teaching exercise to enhance the vocabulary and communication skills of children, then asking them to practise a short English essay is the best model. Without great effort, parents can introduce numerous vocabulary in the English language to them. Exercising essay writing on a regular basis will improve their confidence to present ideas and opinions precisely and will help them to communicate effectively with others. Moreover, it will strengthen their writing, reading, and presentation skills as well.

Apart from all language skills, writing essays on different topics will improve their general knowledge. The more they write on different topics, the more they get introduced to different topics and information. As the initial step of learning how to write, practise writing short English essays to make them aware of society, environment, nature, politics, history, etc. Parents and teachers can ask their children to visit BYJU’S website for more interesting learning topics.

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