Why is 2021 the best time for fitness apps?

The fitness app market has risen dramatically in the last few years. With the rise of the pandemic in 2020, millions of users have adopted efficient fitness applications to maintain their wellness. In fact, the recent market statistics show that the global fitness app market expected to generate over $3.50 billion during 2021-2025, expanding at a CAGR of almost 15%.

Today, fitness apps have made a strong presence in many individual lives. Be it yoga, meditation, or hard-workout regimes, fitness apps have managed to deliver at par services to a large audience with the ease of doing it from anywhere they want. That’s why, seeing an uplift in customer demand, many emerging IT companies are partnering with top mobile app development companies to develop native custom-built fitness applications.

But one question that remains unanswered is how fitness app development opens new doors of higher revenues? Is there any benefit of having your custom-built fitness applications? Does there’s some steam left for any new tech company in this wave of industry growth? Read our article and find out all answers to your questions.

Benefits of fitness apps in 2021

With an unprecedented rise in the pandemic globally, the COVID-19 outbreak has presented many users with a unique opportunity to self-care without physically going to the gyms. However, due to the imposition of nationwide lockdowns, many people clung upon various new trends of online fitness regimes that allowed them to increase their connectedness to other similar minds who enjoy exercising.

That’s what gave wind to the fire of the fitness app popularity and gave birth to crucial pain points case study to aid major IT companies. The research carried out by Technavio, a leading survey platform, has stormed the fitness industry from origin. The study accounts for many crucial metrics such as competitive landscape, annual sales, and global market share of key players.

●Increasing penetration of smartphones

One of the significant benefits of having your custom-built fitness application lies in the increasing penetration of mobile phones. According to the study, there were 3.6 billion smartphone users in 2020 worldwide, and it is expected to reach 4.3 billion mobile users by 2023. With an increasing penetrating rate of 53%, the app market has rapidly advanced upon various digital marketing practices that generate better ROIs for businesses.

These practices often let your users explore new features such as cardio, light weightlifting or clocked-running that project them as a more competitive and reliable source of fitness. While the fitness apps were increasing rapidly since 2010, the growth of smartphone users indicates the validity of fitness app market growth to be set to grow in the coming years.  

●The rising power of the internet in the US

The Technavio report also shed light upon the rising usability of the internet in the US. An analyst at the firm reported that there were 284 million internet users in the United States last year, which accounted for roughly 85.8% of US internet users. Being a global hub of technological innovation, these numbers are projected to reach 87.2% between 2021 and 2025.

While this data doesn’t put a boost to the rise of fitness apps, the firm’s analysts add on to the fact that during the Coronavirus outbreak, 74% of Americans used at least one fitness app, and 60% are planning to cancel physical gym memberships. When viewed as a singular entity, these data project the rising power of internet usage, giving a brief flame of the projector to the rise of fitness apps in many US regions.

●Growing adoption of wearables

In the past few years, the fitness app tracking wearables have been a significant sector for enterprises in providing real-time fitness notifications. Be it smartwatches, smart bands or smart rings, both emerging and new fitness companies choose these mediums to accommodate a wide range of services to their users.

Sony, Adidas, Nike, and new emerging startups such as FitBit choose smart fitness wearables that allow the user to track their fitness mark even without their Smartphones. Moreover, these smart devices are also responsible for monitoring various other features, including heart rate, step counter, GPS tracking, and sleep tracking, that never let users feel an absence from their phone.

In a Nutshell

The fitness app industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the digital world. Low-cost applications, intelligent and robust features, and less maintenance cost has been a significant helper for many companies to grow their business. But to make sure that your app gets the utmost benefits from the industry and is recognized even after a few months of its release, you must partner with an expert mobile app development company.

For over 11 years, TechAhead, the best fitness app development company in the US, has catered to over 600 clients from the IT industry. Using an in-house expert team added with the latest software tools, TechAhead developers have launched over 2,000 custom-built apps, including the #1 fitness app for mothers: ‘The Healthy Mummy that has recently crossed 2 million users in May 2021.

Get in touch with the TechAhead consultants to start your next app project today.


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