Token choice: 3 NFTs to watch closely and invest in

In 2020 and 2021, the universe of virtual currencies had experienced major upheavals. To this effect, non-fungible tokens have followed suit with cryptocurrencies. Thus, the NFT sector has grown to around $10.7 billion at the time of writing. Many are now opting for an NFT investment to sell, buy and trade digital works.

However, in the face of the excitement and enthusiasm generated by non-fungible tokens, it is important to know the NFTs in which to invest. This will allow you to have an idea of how this universe works before venturing into it. 

Non-fungible tokens represent virtual and cryptographic blockchain-based objects or works. Indeed, they each have a unique identification number that promotes their authentication. They are therefore recognized by their unique metadata (signature, types, owner’s name, date, etc.).

In other words, NFTs represent digital objects such as:

  • An image or file;
  • A video or audio;
  • A tweet or GIF;
  • A domain name;
  • A work of art or purchase in video games;
  • A Song 

NFT Investing: How Non-Fungible Currencies Work

Non-fungible tokens operate on a blockchain and are linked to their originating platforms. NFTs are generally based on the Ethereum blockchain and grant unprecedented property rights that are almost impossible to undo. In addition, if you wish to create, buy or sell non-fungible tokens, you will not need authorization.

Moreover, when you buy or publish an object or a work, you become the exclusive owner. With NFTs, there is no risk of counterfeiting on the blockchain. Nevertheless, it would be possible for hackers to copy the image file of another user’s NFT. But rest assured, NFTs are one of a kind, so when you acquire a digital item, rest assured that you have purchased a unique item on the market.

Note, however, that when you buy an NFT, you do not become the owner of its rights. However, you acquire it digitally, and you have the right to do with it what you want.

With the craze around NFTs on the web, some have increased in value, and therefore, we give you some NFT ideas of the most promising NFTs, among others:


Cryptopunks represent a compendium of concepts. These are obviously non-fungible tokens that offer users around 10,000 characters. Thus, on the Ethereum platform, collectors can find their favourite characters. Cryptopunks are 24X24 pixel digital files. They are also referred to as “cryptos art”. On cryptopunk, you will find images representing human beings with a punk look.

Stoner cats: the animated series

Brought to you by Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, stoner cats is an animated series launched in the digital market in NFT mode. This means that you have the possibility as a collector to buy a right of access to the different episodes. They will thus become virtual works that you can collect or trade. However, the promoter of the animated series is not at her first attempt. She had previously participated in the very first NFT project, which did not fail to be a hit. Mila Kunis has collaborated with Cryptokitties for this purpose.

Golden Goals: football marketplace

Marketplace NFT is only dedicated to football. Unlike traditional NFTs, this marketplace is linked to the Tezos blockchain and aims to democratize the use of NFTs. This will allow gamers, clubs and artists from the world of football to create their own collections themselves. 

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