How To Perform Deep SEO Audit?

Conducting a deep SEO audit is important for business owners to check whether their site is lacking behind in any technical aspect. Over a period of time, several technical glitches take place and it slowly starts spoiling the overall performance and user experience. To ensure everything is working fine and users are spending a healthy amount of time on the website, you need to conduct a deep SEO audit. Or you can hire an SEO reseller Company.

In this article, we will check out how to conduct such audits in less time so that you spend less time in auditing and quickly start working on them.

Begin with crawl audit

An in-depth technical SEO audit begins with a comprehensive crawl audit which includes several aspects. From paginations to broken links, redirects, broken backlinks, checking delicate content, and much more. You can use any good crawl software, to begin with, it. Screaming Frog is a good option as it can get your work done without paying for it.

With this software, you will be able to check out an in-depth overview of the website’s structure and technical issues present on site. First, start with searching for all the duplicate content and keep exporting all the relevant data. After duplicate content, you can also check which pages have missing meta tags and image tags.

After this, also check the number of redirections present on the website and how the pagination has been implemented. If there are too many redirects, it’s an issue and you need to get it fixed by your developer. Check for all the alert codes like 404, 500, 301, 302, and more. These are the major things that you need to conduct under the crawl audit.

Content duplicacy

Content plagiarism is a serious issue and you need to keep your website away from it. It happens quite a few times that we upload the same type of content that matches the previously uploaded ones. However, we don’t do this intentionally but it happens and it hurts the site’s ranking.

For auditing content, first, you need to have a good plagiarism checker tool and it’s always better to go for a professional paid instead of using a free one. The reason being, the paid tools are able to deep check your content which gives you more accurate results.

Be it blogs, landing page content, or service or product page content, check each page’s content one by one and see if there are any serious issues present. If the content similarity with other websites is much higher, then you will need to update the content as soon as possible.

Even if Google doesn’t penalize your site but it will definitely reduce the ranking and hence a drastic drop in the organic traffic.

Google Search Console

GSC is a goldmine for conducting a technical audit of the site without getting confused. This free tool from Google gives you plenty of insights into how your website is doing in terms of crawlability & visibility. You will get more in-depth insights about overall site coverage, mobile usability, sitemap errors, and more.

Another important thing that you can check here is manual action and penalty. In case Google has imposed any penalty, you can check the resolve the issues. Along with all these, Google Search Console has also added the option of Core Web Vitals which is the latest buzzword in the SEO industry. In this option you can as of now check the website’s speed for both mobile and desktop.

These were the most important steps in SEO services that you can follow to conduct a deep SEO audit and find out important insights about your site. Get started step by step in deep audit and improve the overall visibility now.

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