Five tips to keep your baby’s skin oh so soft

Babies’ skins are soft and tender, making them more prone to allergies and infections as compared to adults. The reason for allergies and infections can vary depending on the material of clothes they wear, the weather, and their skin care products. Even the detergents used to wash babies’ clothes can play a role in developing rashes and other allergies. Hence, one should be very careful while using body care products such as baby lotion and baby oil. A good product can keep your baby’s skin glowing and soft, whereas a bad one can put their skin in harm’s way. Let us try to explore a few tips to keep your baby’s skin soft in this blog.

Refrain from harsh detergents

Washing detergents with harsh chemicals and perfume can harm your baby’s skin. Hence, always prefer using mild detergents that do not stay on clothes after wash and consist of skin-friendly ingredients.

Post bath massage

A massage is not only good for your baby’s skin, but it also helps you develop a lovely bond. Studies reveal that the best time to massage your baby is after a bath. Post bath massages are good because the baby’s skin is plumped and hydrated during this time, which will help it retain baby lotion or baby oil better. Ensure the lotion or oil contains virgin coconut oil as it is the best for your baby’s skin.

Bathe less frequently

There is no need for babies to bathe frequently like adults. You can use a sponge or wet wipes to clean them twice or thrice a week. In fact, bathing them often can strip down their skin, leading to severe allergy or eczema. Frequent bathing may also lead to loss of natural oils in the baby’s skin leading to many other skin ailments. Use lukewarm water, mild soaps, body wash, and shampoo while bathing your baby. To keep your baby’s natural skin oils intact and skin soft, use baby oil or lotion for massage.

Prefer unscented products

Always use unscented products on your baby’s skin. Artificial scents can trigger any pre-existing skin ailments on their sensitive skin. Hence, avoid purchasing scented baby oil or baby lotion to prevent any damage to your baby’s soft skin.

Protection from direct sunlight

Babies under six months old should not be exposed to direct sunlight as it might harm their sensitive skin. You can apply a gentle sunscreen to their face and arms to protect them against sunlight. Before using any skin product or sunscreen, be sure to do a patch test in an invisible area to test for allergies or sensitivity. Always keep your baby under the shade of a tree or umbrella.

Wrap up

Your baby’s sensitive skin can be prone to many allergies and other skin ailments during its early stages. But by following a few of the tips mentioned in this blog, you will be able to address many of these skin issues effectively. A good quality baby oil and baby lotion enriched with the required nutrients will help you keep your baby’s skin soft and glowing.

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